June 2011 Updates

At the end of every month we’ll be writing a blog entry summarizing all of the new features and improvements made during the month.  Hopefully this will inform you about new functions that you may not have known were available. For those of you who are interested in learning about new features as they’re added you can receive updates from our Twitter account here.

Below is a summary of feature updates completed in the month of June.  June was TutorPanel’s first month after being launched and we received lots of excellent feedback from tutoring companies using TutorPanel in terms of new feature suggestions as well as helping us locate some bugs. Wow! It’s been a busy month, but the improvements have definitely been worth it and will definitely help elminate the headaches of managing a growing tutoring business.

Here are this month’s improvements:

  • Added “Export to Excel” buttons to tables in the administrator accounts that allows you to download the information in your account to excel.
  • The datepickers were displaying Monday as the first day of the week, we changed this to Sunday to match the normal calendar convention.
  • We created a Knowledge Center that helps you find answers to your questions about TutorPanel’s features. Simply type in your question and a list of possible answers will appear. You can access this without logging in or after you have logged in.
  • The “Save” button was missing from the “Record a Payment” page in administrator accounts. We added it.
  • Adding a username for existing students wasn’t working – we’ve fixed this bug.
  • Lesson details are now appearing for lessons added using the “Add Lessons” page.
  • You can now add event types and event locations using the “Add Lessons” page.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing teachers from being deleted by administrators.
  • Added field to “General Settings” that allows administrator’s to change the company email.
  • Added feature that lets administrators set permissions for staff and teachers controlling whether they can view or edit certain areas of the site.
  • Added “Filter” feature to the calendar so that you can display the events for a single student or teacher at once. This makes tutor scheduling easier since you can view open time slots more easily.
  • “Pay Now” button now displays on invoices if you have enabled PayPal for your account.
  • Added the cost and time to teacher’s “Reconcile Lessons” page to allow for adjustments if lessons run longer or shorter than the original scheduled length.
  • Payment page will now only appear in Parent or Adult student accounts if enabled by the administrator.
  • Administators can now add payment instructions to appear in Parent and Adult Student accounts.
  • Tutoring companies can now choose a color scheme for their account to match their brand. Let us know if your colors are missing and we can add them.
  • Your tutoring center’s name will now appear in the browser’s title area.
  • Tutors using Google Calendars can now display events from their Google Calendars on their TutorPanel calendar’s to make scheduling tutoring sessions easier. Administrators see these events labeled as “Unavailable”.
  • When adding a new student, parent, teacher or staff member you can automatically send a welcome email with their username and password. You can customize the template with your own message as well.
  • You can now send lesson notes to students or parents automatically. Lesson note templates can be customized with your own message.
  • Added a support form to the internal site to make it more convenient to contact our support team with questions or bug reports.
  • We’ve split results displayed in tables into pages to speed up loading time.
  • Tutors with Google Accounts can now sync their lessons in TutorPanel to their Google Calendar. This allows tutors to take advantage of Google’s features for syncing to other calendars, mobile devices and viewing alongside other calendars.
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