TutorPanel – July 2011 Updates

We continue to receive positive feedback from users and have made more improvements to TutorPanel in July. Thank you to everyone for suggesting features and letting us know when you’ve spotted bugs. We look forward to improving TutorPanel to help you manage your tutoring companies.

In July we made the following improvements to TutorPanel:

  • We’ve added a new Daily Summary report that displays teachers daily schedules and tasks due.  The reports can be generated through administrator or tutor accounts and can easily be printed.
  • Fixed a bug that was showing extra invoices in parent accounts.

  • Made items in transaction table link to pages to view or edit transactions by clicking on a row.

  • Recurring expenses weren’t saving correctly, but are now.

  • Teachers can now delete tasks in their account (instead of only allowing the administrator to delete tasks).

  • Profiles in teacher accounts are now saving correctly.

  • Added a feature that lets you click on a timeslot in the calendar and it will open up the add lesson with the date and time pre-filled.

  • Calendar events now display lesson status. A check mark appears next to attended events and strikethrough for cancelled or missed lessons.

  • You can now add a second parent account for students with separated or divorced parents.

  • Invoices were displaying amounts over 1,000 incorrectly. This has been fixed.

  • Lesson notes template has been fixed.

  • Added automatic billing by week so that you can bill for tutoring sessions weekly, bi-weekly or tri-weekly.

  • Payments and account balances are now being listed by parent instead of students.

  • Added a drop-down menu to the invoices table that lets you view unpaid, paid or all invoices.

  • Added a record payment button to the invoice page that directs to the payment page and auto-fills invoice details.

  • You can now mark invoices as paid.

  • Fixed an error that was displaying payments in the parent table incorrectly.

  • Added new invoice options to include or exclude payments and unreconciled lessons.

  • Added the ability to generate invoices for future periods with the automatic invoicing feature.

  • You can now send automatic lesson reminders to students and parents. Check the box on student and parent profiles.

  • Added video tutorials here: http://www.tutorpanel.com/tutorials

  • Added a Daily Summary to the reports section. You can generate a daily summary to print or email automatically to provide you with a schedule for the day.

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