August 2011 Updates

August was another busy month for making improvements to TutorPanel.  This month we made the following bug fixes and feature improvements:

  • Added new tutorial videos for modifying and deleting lessons and using the calendar.
  • Parent index pages can now display contact info for multiple tutors.
  • Message in file area of parent accounts when no files had been uploaded was incorrect – this has been corrected.
  • Added “Resend Notification” button to invoice page so that invoices notifications can be resent to customers.
  • Fixed a bug where student/parent email accounts were blocking notifications from TutorPanel
  • Added new tutorial video “Reconciling Lessons”
  • Upgraded to new server for faster website performance
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the “Export to Excel” button for the staff table
  • Added the ability to create group tutoring sessions
  • Added event status to month view of calendar so you can see if lessons have been attended, canceled or missed.
  • Users can now remove previously uploaded logos.
  • Administrators can now hide tutoring session costs from tutor accounts.
  • Students can be added or removed from existing group tutoring sessions
  • Location names with apostrophes were displaying backslashes in front of apostrophes. This has been corrected.
  • Tutoring sessions are now based on a tutoring price list that lets you standardize prices per hour as well as tutor wages per hour.
  • Admins can now change the default calendar view to day, week or month view.
  • Tutor earnings can be tracked based on different rates for different types of tutoring set in the tutoring price list.
  • Added totals to teacher payroll table
  • Some tutoring session reminders were not being sent due to an issue with timezone settings. This has been corrected.
  • Added warning message that displays if users are using Internet Explorer 7 or lower which is not supported by TutorPanel.  Warning message includes link to download latest Internet Explorer.
  • Added new permissions for staff to control access to tasks, price lists, and the file area.
  • Added a “Prepaid Package” option that lets tutoring companies sell students bundles of tutoring hours that can then be scheduled over time.

Thank you to everyone for the suggestions and feedback over the past month.  We will continue to implement more improvements next month.

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