September 2011 Updates

We’ve received a lot of feedback this month with suggestions for new features and to point out bugs — if you have any suggestions please let us know by sending us a message using our contact form here: Contact Form.  In addition to the work we’ve done this month we are almost finished work on two major features that will make managing your tutoring business even easier.

Below are the new features and bug fixes for the month of September:

  • Added the option to send a confirmation email to clients when you record a payment.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing tasks from displaying in teachers’ daily summaries.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing backslashes to appear in some tables and forms in teacher accounts as well as the website header.
  • Fixed a bug that wasn’t saving titles for group lessons when the title was changed.
  • Added validation to file upload forms to ensure that all fields are filled out correctly.
  • Changed transaction table’s detail column to display the lesson description instead of lesson notes.
  • Fixed a bug that wasn’t saving adult student names when recording an invoice payment.
  • Missed lessons on the calendar are now correctly showing a line through the time.
  • Added “Print View” to calendar in teacher accounts
  • Admin accounts now display both employee and student birthdays for the current month as well as the person’s age.
  • Tutor account index page now displays student birthdays for current month and displays age.
  • Admins can now adjust the first hour that appears for week and day of the calendar. This can be changed under Account Management ->General Settings.
  • Fixed a bug on student and parent forms that were requiring email addresses when they weren’t supposed to be required.
  • Added parent table to admin accounts
  • Admins cann now let tutors view sessions from other teachers in their company.
  • The income statement now displays the current month by default.
  • The financial snapshot on the index page now includes tutor wages in the expense figure
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing new students from being added when trying to add a new secondary parent at the same time.
  • It’s now possible to hide student and parent contact information from tutor accounts. This can be set under the tutor profile’s account permissions.
  • Added subtotals for earnings, payments, starting balance and wages due in the tutor hours table.
  • The tutor hours table now includes a column displaying wages due for each employee.
  • Removed backslashes that were appearing in front of quotation marks in lesson notes sent to secondary parents.
  • It’s now possible to record payments to teachers.
  • Lesson cost is now automatically set to zero for canceled lessons reconciled from teacher accounts where costs have been hidden.
  • Fixed a but that was dropping any numbers after the comma symbol for lesson costs over 1,000.
  • Invoices now display the company name by default if a logo has not been uploaded.
  • PDFs are now attached to invoice notification emails.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing invoices created using automatic invoicing from being saved.
  • Added a report that lists all tutoring sessions in list form by date. This is meant to overcome some of the size limitations when trying to print the calendar.
  • Added a preview box to the automatica invoicing page that shows when the first invoice will be generated and the invoice period based on the auto invoicing settings selected.
  • Added “Export to Excel” function for account balances, transactions, prepaid balances, tutor hours, tutor payments and invoices.
  • Added a basic search form to the students table.
  • Online payments made through PayPal will now automatically be recorded in your TutorPanel accounts and invoices are marked paid.
  • Preview button is hidden when the “Generate Invoice” checkbox is checked.
  • Time pickers now display 12:00pm as the default time instead of using the current time.
  • Added an option to send a copy of invoices to your company email address.
  • Fixed a bug that wasn’t updating the company name used in email notifications when changed on the general settings page.
  • Invoices can now be sent and have the option of an html or pdf attachment and sending a copy to your company email address.
  • Teachers can now view hours and payments in their own accounts.
  • Added a pyments table to the teacher’s detailed hour view.
  • The “Edit” option is now displaying for events in teacher accounts where permissions were set to allow editing and adding lessons.
  • Added a “Tutoring Locations” page that lets you add or delete locations. You can also disable default locations.
  • Admins are now able to save default invoice instructions for manually created invoices.
  • Teacher name listed in student list is now based on the teacher for the student’s next tutoring session instead of the first scheduled session.
  • Invoice previews now open in a new window, whereas generated invoices open in the same window.
  • Invoices for students using the “Prepaid Package” billing method now display the tutoring package detail instead of the separate lessons.
  • Admins can now generate pdf copies of past invoices on the “View Invoice” page.


We’re working on a couple projects that should be finished in the next couple weeks that will make TutorPanel even more useful to your tutoring business, so stay tuned and check for updates as they happen by following us on twitter.

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