TutorPanel Updates for October 2011

We’ve made some more improvements and bug fixes in October. One of the more notable new features is the ability to export payments and invoices to Quickbooks. This is a feature that a lot of businesses have been requesting so we’re happy to have completed this.  Read this article in the Knowledge Center to get started: Exporting from TutorPanel to Quickbooks

Below are the features and bug fixes for the month. You can get updates in real-time by following us on Twitter here: http://twitter.com/tutorpanel

  • Changed the wording on invoices to display “Scheduled” instead of “Unreconciled” for future lessons to make more sense to invoice recipients.
  • Added validation to “Add Lesson” form to notify the user if the start date entered is later than the end date.
  • Individual teacher hours page was not working when a new date range was entered on that page – this has been fixed.
  • Information pop-ups are now displaying correctly in Internet Explorer when hovering the cursor over the “i” icons.
  • When including the starting balance on an invoice, but not payments the starting balance was also not including payments. This issue has been fixed.
  • The “Edit” link has been hidden on the calendar event pop-ups for reconciled lessons so that previously reconciled lessons cannot be edited.
  • Lesson reminders were being sent for cancelled tutoring sessions – this has been fixed.
  • Added a “Teacher Timesheet” to the reports tab for displaying teacher hours and wages broken down by date.
  • Student table now displays parent phone and email address if no email or phone is entered on student’s profile.
  • It’s now possible to set a default tutor for a student. This makes it possible for a tutor to add lessons to the calendar for that student (if permissions granted) without the admin having to set up the initial schedule.
  • Tutors with permission to add lessons can only add lessons for their own students now.
  • When editing a series of events a confirmation window now appears to inform the user the effects of editing a series of events and requires a confirmation to continue.
  • “Invoice Sent” confirmation was displaying for invoices created for users without email addresses. The confirmation message now displays that the email was not sent and the reaosn.
  • Automatically generated invoices now include future unreconciled lessons when selected.
  • It’s now possible to add general events to the calendar for non-tutoring events and blocking of unavailable times.
  • It’s now possible to add custom fields to student profiles to record additional information.
  • Added an option to include “prior unreconciled lessons” in the starting balance for regular and automatically generated invoies.
  • Invoice font is now darker to make printed invoices more readable.
  • When clicking a time slot on the calendar to add a lesson, the date field was being set to the incorrect date. This has been fixed.
  • Student and teacher lists pages where adding lessons to the calendar are now in alphabetical order by last name for easier viewing.
  • Added the ability to export invoices and payments to Quickbooks.
  • Lesson fees on invoices are now listed in ascending order for both date and time so that events on the same day appear in order of time.
  • Added table to display lessons that have been reconciled but not invoiced or not paid.
  • Added a table that displays tutoring sessions that have been invoiced and paid by the cutomer and are ready to have the wage paid to the tutor. Check the lessons that you want to pay the tutor for and submit the form to record a payment and mark the lesson wages as having been paid.
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