Tutoring Software Series: A Virtual Phone System for Tutoring Businesses

Now more than ever it’s easier for small businesses to compete with large companies due to the availability of a wide range of software tools designed for small businesses. These tools are available to help manage almost any task that a small business might need to take on – and best of all, they are low-cost and in some cases free. In our blog post  “Taking Your Tutoring Business from Good to Great” one of the principles Jim Collins says makes some companies great is their ability to use technology as a growth accelerator.  This post is the first in a series that will look at a variety of software tools that can help your tutoring company be more productive and profitable.



The Concept:

Grasshopper’s virtual phone system keeps your entire business connected with just one phone number.


Grasshopper is a virtual phone system that allows you to manage phone calls for your company. The management portion of the system is online. When you sign up you can choose a phone number including 1-800 numbers or local numbers. Then you’re able to use their system to set up how phone calls will be handled.

Some of the things you can set up include:

  • Adding extensions for employees
  • Directing calls to your business number to cell phones, land-lines or skype numbers.
  • Setting up rules for what times calls will be directed to different phone numbers.
  • Setting rules for directing to a different number when you can’t be reached after a specified number of rings.
  • Adding a voicemail and setting variables for when a call should be directed to voice mail.
  • Voice to email
  • Create a phone directory for your company so callers can find the person they need to speak to
  • Receive phone calls and faxes anywhere in the world.


Grasshopper for Tutoring Businesses

With Grasshopper you can have one phone number for your tutoring business that customers can always call and they’ll be able to reach you, or another staff member wherever you are.  For instance, you can set a schedule for each day of the week for how your calls will be directed at different times of the day.  If you are regularly out of the office on Wednesday afternoons, you can set Grasshopper to direct any calls to your cell phone.  Or you can adjust it to first try your cell phone and if you don’t pick up after five rings the call will be directed to another person on your staff.

If any of your phone numbers change,  it’s not a problem because your customers can continue to call your Grasshopper number and they’ll be directed to your new phone number without even knowing.

Another great feature for tutoring companies is the ability to set up extensions for tutors and staff members.  If you want to let clients reach your tutors without knowing the tutor’s personal phone number you can simply add an extension to your Grasshopper number that will redirect calls to the tutor.   The client calls your company number and uses the tutor’s extension and they’ll be directed to your tutor’s phone number.

Employee changes are frequent for many tutoring companies and Grasshopper can handle this easily.  As some tutors leave and you hire new tutors, it’s very easy to add the new tutor to your company’s phone directory and remove the old one.

Grasshopper is very flexible and can be set up for numerous scenarios. This system makes it easier for customers to reach you and it makes your company appear more professional. Best of all, it’s a very affordable system starting at $9.95 per month.

You can learn more about Grasshopper on their website: www.grasshopper.com.

If you know of any software that can be used to help tutoring companies let us know in the comments.




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