Tutoring Software Series: How to Remember Everything

This post is the third in a series on tutoring software that can be useful for tutoring companies. In this blog post we’ll look at some software with the goal of helping you “remember everything”.

The Concept: 

Evernote is a system that lets you capture information and then access it quickly by keyword, tag or even text found within images.


Evernote is an extremely useful system for cataloging general information in an easy way that can be quickly accessed later on. Evernote has a variety of versions of its software so that you can easily capture information using your computer or smartphone. The desktop software and web-browser extensions let you quickly capture text, images and links from web-pages. The mobile apps let you take pictures of receipts, handwritten notes, advertisements and more.

When you capture information using one of these methods your informaiton is then synced with your Evernote account and can be accessed via any other smartphones assocated with the account, your desktop software, or by logging into your online Evernote account. The best part of the system is the ability to search through all of your information quickly and easily and the most impressive feature is the ability to search for keywords inside of images. Evernote uses optical character recognition to find text inside of images and convert it into searchable text.

Evernote for Tutoring Companies

Evernote is great for personal and business use. Tutoring companies can use Evernoe as a quick and convenient way to gather information on the go and access it quickly when needed later on. Here are a few ideas of how you can use Evernote in your business.

1. Cataloging business cards – Working in a tutoring company you likely receive a lot of business cards from other business people as well as from clients. Save their business cards, but use Evernote to catalogue them so that you can quickly find a person’s contact information by searching for their name in Evernote.

2. Marketing ideas – See a great looking advertisement that you would like to use for inspiration in your business ads? Take a picture with Evernote and tag it based on the topic. When you’re working on planningnew advertisements, simply search Evernote for the keyword and you’ll have all of the ideas you’ve captured.

3. Competitor Intelligence – Use Evernote to track information about competitors from the internet or from photos you take of their ads, brochures and other promotional information. You can then search Evernote using the competitors name and all of their information will come up.

These are just a few ways you can use Evernote to make managing information a bit easier in your tutoring business. If you’ve tried Evernote and have found it useful in other ways, let us hear about it in the comments.  Try it out at www.evernote.com.


Evernote has a free plan that is perfect for trying out the software. They also offer a premium plan that allows you to get more advanced features and limitations removed.

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