TutorPanel Mobile – Take TutorPanel With You

Tutoring companies are often quite decentralized in their operations. They may have multiple tutoring center locations and they often have tutors that teach in students’ homes, at schools or in libraries. It’s for this reason that it’s important that their tutoring software can be accessed easily from any location. When we first launched TutorPanel we chose to make it a web-based system since this would allow users to log in from anywhere with a web-enabled computer — whether at home, the office or a library. This makes it possible for employees to log in at a tutoring center or from their homes so that they can check their schedules or reconcile tutoring sessions conveniently. It also makes it possible for customers to be able to access their TutorPanel accounts from their homes without having to install any software on their computers.

We’re proud to announce that TutorPanel is now even easier to access. We’ve launched a mobile site called TutorPanel Mobile that allows administrators and tutors to access key areas of their TutorPanel accounts from their smartphones.

TutorPanel Mobile is a browser-based mobile site that uses a layout optimized for the smaller screens on smartphones to make navigation easier.   It can be used on all major smartphones including iPhone, BlackBerry and Android devices.  The areas that can be accessed using TutorPanel Mobile are the ones that are most frequently accessed on the TutorPanel site. This includes student and parent contact information, calendars and lesson details, reconciling lessons, and for admins account balances and past transactions.

Over time we’ll add additional features to TutorPanel Mobile to make it even better. If you have any suggestions that you’d like to see implemented please let us know by contacting us here.

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