TutorPanel Updates from November 2011

November was a big month for us with the introduction of TutorPanel Mobile as well as some new features for TutorPanel including the addition of the ability to reconcile multiple lessons at once and the ability to upload students in bulk using a CSV file.

Below is a summary of features and bug fixes for the month of November:

  • Fixed a bug that was causing the calendar not to appear in teacher accounts when the calendar contained both tutoring sessions and general events.
  • TutorPanel Mobile – a convenient way to access information from your TutorPanel account from your smartphone. TutorPanel mobile lets you access student and parent contact info, upcoming tutoring sessions, reconcile tutoring sessions, account balances and past transactions.
  • Admins can now set the page that users are directed to after logging out. You can set this to your own website address.
  • Added a new remote login form that will keep tutors and students on the same page as the login form if an error occurs when logging in. The original would redirect them to the TutorPanel login form when the username or password was not correct.
  • Added a date range selector for the “Teacher Payment History”.
  • Changed “Expenses” in the navigation menu to “General Expenses” to provide a distinction between “Wage Expenses” which are separate.
  • It’s now possible to clear empty a date field by hitting backspace when the cursor is on the date field. Some users couldn’t remove a student’s birthdate when they inadvertently selected that field on the student profile.
  • Reset password page was not displaying a message when the username entered did not exist. This has been fixed.
  • Currencies and company name weren’t updating immediately after making changes in general settings. Changes to these fields are now reflected immediately.
  • Currency symbol was missing for lesson fees on automatically gernated invoices – these are now displaying correctly.
  • Batch reconcile – added a batch reconcile feature to admin accounts that allows several lessons to be reconciled at once.
  • Added the tutor wage to calendar event pop-ups and the “View Lesson” page.
  • Fixed a bug related to Internet Explorer that wasn’t displaying events on the calendar when a certain combination of options was selected for general events.
  • Bulk Upload – Admins can now upload multiple students at once to their TutorPanel accounts using the student bulk upload feature. Access it by going to the Student List and clicking “bulk Upload” in the sidebar.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing students to show up twice during reconciliation if new students were added to a single group event.  Adding students to a series of group events didn’t have this problem.


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