TutorPanel December 2011 Updates

We hope you’ve been enjoying the Christmas holidays have a happy new year in 2012. During December we made some improvements and fixed some bugs in the program. We also began work on some new features that will be finished in January.

Here’s a summary of the updates made in December

  • Added schedule confirmation history to make it easy to see whichh confirmations have been sent.
  • Fixed a bug with Google Chrome that was caching pages cuasing some pages to display old-content after updating.
  • Numbers over 1000 are now sorting correctly in tables. The comma separator was causing a problem.
  • Darkened calendar lines and times on print view of the calendar to improve visibility for printing.
  • You can now allow students to request lessons which can then be approved, modified, or reject by the Administrator. This can be enabled under Account Management > General Settings.
  • Added an option for invoices to only create invoices if balance is above zero.
  • Added an income statement that uses the cash method for accounting.
  • When adding lessons for students using the tutoring package billing method a box appears showing how many prepaid hours remain and what type of tutoring they have purchased.
  • The edit lessons pages now display remaining tutoring package hours for students using this billing method.
  • We fixed a bug that was causing the cash basis income statement to display accrual basis results when the dates at the top were changed from the default.
  • Staff accounts can now view tables on the index page that were previously visible only to the administrator. Visibility is based on staff permission settings.
  • Redirect url for logging out now automatically adds “http://” if the url entered does not include this.
  • New report under the reports tab for viwing lesson details including start/end, duration, students, teacher, cost, notes, etc.
  • Birthdays on the home page now only display thos from active students and staff instead of all.
  • Names forms are now listed alphabetically by last name for quicker navigation.
  • Added student column to lesson history table, lesson history export table, and Calendar List View under the reports column.
  • Fixed a bug that was allowing forms to be saved when adding students, parents or staff when username was entered, but no password was entered. As a result the user would be saved, but would not be able to log in.
  • Added validation to user forms for password field so that the user cannot be saved if the password fields aren’t completed.

We wish you and your tutoring business a prosperous year in 2012!




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