Tutoring Software Series: Another Way to Process Credit Card Payment

Most small tutoring businesses rely on PayPal for processing credit card payments while larger companies typically use a payment gateway along with a merchant account for credit card processing; however, there is a new tool available to tutoring companies of all sizes that lets you process credit cards in person – all you need is an iPhone or Android smartphone and a free credit card reader.

Square: Accept Credit Card Payments on Your Smartphone

The Benefit:

Sign up for Square and receive a free credit card reader for your smartphone and begin processing credit card payments from your tutoring customers.


Square is a new method that allows you to process credit card payments using your smartphone. Unlike some payment processing methods that require customers to enter their credit card details on a secure form, Square allows tutoring companies to swipe customer cards and process payments in person. Square’s processing fee is 2.75% for all transactions which is lower than PayPal, though higher than most payment gateways. And payments are deposited in your bank account the next day, which is faster than PayPal and many other payment processors.

Another benefit for larger companies is that Square allows you to process payments without having to pay steep fees for a credit card processing terminal.

One limitation of Square is that it can only be used for processing payments when a credit card is present. You can’t use your Square account for processing payments online or for automated monthly billing. However, it is an excellent supplement to your existing payment processing system and can provide additional convenience to your customers and helps you get paid sooner.

To learn more go to www.squareup.com



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