TutorPanel Updates from January 2012

We’ve made several new feature additions to TutorPanel this month as well as a few bug fixes. Below is a list of all of the changes made. You can also get instant updates by following us on Twitter at www.twitter.com/tutorpanel.

  • Added the ability for teachers to delete their own lessons if they have this permission enabled in their profile.
  • Added a teacher view to the calendar that displays all teachers side by side in columns with their own tutoring sessions. This is a great way to quickly see which tutors are available at a specific time and date.
  • Added a status field to teacher profiles to allow teachers that are no longer with a company to be hidden from the teacher list when adding lessons and to hide from the main teacher list. Inactive teachers can be viewed by choosing the inactive option in the table filter.
  • Secondary guardians can now receive lesson reminders. This can be enabled in the guardian’s profile.
  • Added “Subjects” field to the csv export file for teachers.
  • Added a printer-friendly format to the Sessions Report, which can be found under the Reports tab
  • Added a “Prospect” stauts to student profiles so that information can be stored for prospective students.
  • Parent status can be set to active or inactive. Inactive parent’s won’t appear in the parent menu when adding new students, making it easier to find the correct parent.
  • Tutor’s can now receive lesson reminders sent to their email address. This can be enabled on the tutor’s profile.
  • The parent list now displays the home phone number in the table if a mobile phone number is not provided.
  • Fixed a bug that was creating more than one parent record if more than one student had the same parent.
  • The student table now displays multiple teachers for students with more than one teacher. Before it only displayed the teacher set as the default in the student’s profile.
  • Exporting student records to excel now includes custom field values if present.
  • Prepaid sessions are now included in tracking wage payments for invoiced and paid sessions.
  • Added a checkbox to the reconcile form for confirming to send lesson notes. This allows administrators to review tutor’s notes before sending them to the client or allows changes to be made to a reconciled lesson without resending the notes. Client account must still have lesson notes enabled in their profile.
  • The teacher table was loading slowly for about a day and was fixed.
  • Added a “Subjects” field to teacher profiles and the teacher table.
  • Information pop-ups were partially hidden at times depending on where the event was appearing on the calendar – this has been fixed.
  • Passwords are no longer included in welcome emails. Usernames are included as well as a link to the reset password page where new users can generate a temporary password for logging in.
  • Added the option to exclude invoices with zero balances for automatically generated invoices.
  • Parent and student accounts being billed using the “tutoring package” method now display remaining hours under the billing tab so that they can keep track of how many hours are remaining.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the logout redirect to work incorrectly if “http://” was added to the beginning of your url. This now works with or without http://
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