TutorPanel Updates – February 2012

We’ve added several new features to TutorPanel this month and fixed some bugs. One major feature that several users have requested is the ability to sync the TutorPanel calendar with other calendars such as Google Calendar. We’ve added this feature which allows administrators and teachers to export their calendars as an icalendar feed which can easily be added to several popular calendar programs including Google Calendar, Apple iCal, Yahoo Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Sunbird and more.  You can find instructions for setting up sync in this Knowledge Center article: Calendar Sync Instructions.

We’ve also added a new view to the calendar called “Teacher View”. This view displays each teacher in a column with their own events displayed below their name. This is a great way for quickly finding openings in a teacher’s schedule.

Other changes:

  • Added Singapore Dollars and United Arab Emirates dirhams to the list of supported currencies.
  • When exporting teacher hours to excel the file was not including lessons with the status “Missed” – this has been fixed.
  • Added an “Export to Excel” option to the calendar page for exporting all lessons (past and future) from the calendar.
  • Added an option to display students in the Teacher Timesheet report.
  • The financial snapshot on the admin home page was displaying the incorrect amount in the “Two Months Ago” category and is now working correctly.
  • Fixed a bug in Internet Explorer affecting downloading from SSL connections wasn’t allowing files to be downloaded from the file area.
  • Added a feature that puts your company email address in the “From” field instead of TutorPanel’s address.
  • Internet Explorer wasn’t displaying check marks on attended sessions for a few days due to changes related to the new teacher view in the calendar.
  • When scheduling initial lessons on the add student form, wages set in the tutor’s profile were not being picked up if the tutoring price was set to zero. This has been fixed.
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