TutorPanel Updates from April 2012

We’ve made the following improvements and fixes to TutorPanel during April.

  • The “Add Lesson” link was displaying in the calendar sidebar for tutors that did not have the permission to add lessons enabled in their profiles. We’ve fixed this so only tutors with permission to add lessons can access this link.
  • Added “Wage Tiers” for managing more complex wage structures where wages are dependent on both the type of tutoring and the tutor’s level. Instructions can be found here: Wage Tiers
  • For students that are billed using the “Prepaid Package” option, teachers are only able to add lessons for types of tutoring for which the student has purchased packages. This prevents tutors from inadvertently choosing the wrong type of tutoring.
  • In admin accounts, for students billed using the “Prepaid Package” method the lesson type list displays separate sections for the types of tutoring that the student has prepaid for and all tutoring types. Prepaid package types also display the hours remaining for the student.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing the invoice’s “Pay Online” button from working correctly.
  • PDF invoices now include the Pay Online button for paying via PayPal.
  • Teacher and student filters on the calendar are now ordered by last name to be consistent with the rest of the site.
  • Invoices now display sessions with a cost of zero so that clients can see all sessions including free ones.
  • Fixed an error causing iCalendar feeds to be off by 1 hour in some locations due to Day Light Savings time not being accounted for.
  • Fixed page width settings so that the options menu will appear on the right hand side for devices with narrow screens instead of being pushed to the bottom of the page.
  • Fixed an error on the invoice screen that was causing the invoice to cover the options menu on devices with narrow screens.
  • Added permission option to prevent teachers from changing the duration of a tutoring session when reconciling. Adjust this permission on the teacher’s profile.
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