TutorPanel Updates – March 2012

In March we made the following enhancements to TutorPanel

  • Fixed some date fields that weren’t reflecting the correct timezone.
  • When adding, editing or reconciling events from the calendar, after the form is saved browser will return to the same date. This is useful when making changes to events in the future so you don’t have to navigate back to the date after the event is saved.
  • Added a “Subjects” field to the tutor’s profile in tutor accounts
  • Teacher colors were not displaying correctly in Internet Explorer, but now they are.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the “Pay Online” button on some invoices to cause an error from PayPal if the amount had more than two decimal places.
  • Updated the Teacher Agenda report so that all teachers can be displayed and printed in a single report.
  • Fixed a bug in the bulk student upload that was occurring if the csv file was created on a Mac.
  • Changed the account balances table so that only active accounts or accounts with non-zero balances are displayed.
  • Added a feature that lets you delete all the events on a single date. This feature is useful for clearing all the events on holidays or when your office is closed. In the month view of the calendar hover over the arrow next to the date number and then click the link to delete the events.
  • The iCalendar feed was not working for companies in the Eastern Hemisphere – we’ve fixed this.
  • The “Cash Basis” income statement is now displaying the tutor wage expense correctly.
  • Added an “All Teachers” option to the timesheet report so that all teachers’ hours can be displayed in a single report.
  • Added an option to General Settings that will automatically set the wage and cost for cancelled sessions to zero.
  • The Daily Summaries report now includes an option to display a full week of daily summaries in one report.
  • Updated the students, teachers and staff tables so that by default they are ordered by last name to be consistent with the rest of TutorPanel.
  • Added an option to include the session cost in teacher timesheets.
  • Fixed the order in the bach reconcile for group lessons.
  • Fixed a bug that was setting the tutor wage in sessions reconciled as “Missed” in tutor accounts to zero. Now these sessions will keep the original wage and can be adjusted by the admin if necessary.
  • Cancelled sessions are no longer displayed in Daily Summary reports.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing Student and Employee tables to preven the drop-down menus in the navigation bar from appearing.
  • Income statement was switching to the next month when the month changed in Greenwich Mean Time, which was too early for users in other timezones. This has been fixed.
  • Removed the “Add Lesson” link from the calendar page in tutor’s accounts that only have permission to edit lessons.
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