Tutoring Ads: Crafting Compelling Offers

Advertising plays an important role in running and growing a tutoring business, so the ability to create effective, compelling ads is an important skill to develop. This blog post looks at several guidelines to follow when designing your tutoring ads to ensure that they are compelling and effective.

  1. Clearly State What You Are SellingThis may seem like common sense, but it isn’t difficult to find ads that don’t clearly communicate what the advertiser is promoting.  Your ads should clearly communicate the type of tutoring you’re offering or if you are promoting a specific deal then you should state it clearly in your tutoring ad.
  2. Focus Your Message on the Decision MakerYour tutoring business may be focused on tutoring children; however, it’s important to remember that it’s the parents who choose the tutoring company for their children. For this reason it’s important to focus the message of your tutoring ads on the parents. If you are targeting university students then focus the message of your tutoring ads on the student.
  3. Include Quantitative and Qualitative BenefitsAs a tutoring company you are often selling both tangible and intangible results. You may be selling a specific increase in a student’s grade or a minimum score on a standardized test, but what you’re also selling is success.
  4. Include a Call to ActionAfter describing what you offer, tell the customer what step they should take next. This could be to call a phone number,visit your office, or visit your website.  Including a call to action has been shown to significantly increase the effectiveness of advertisements.
  5. Professional DesignHaving your advertisements designed professionally or using professionally designed templates is a worthwhile investment for your tutoring ads. Well-designed ads improve your credibility and create a more positive impression of your business, whereas a poorly designed ad can turn customers away.
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