TutorPanel Updates May 2012

We’ve added the following features and bug fixes to TutorPanel during the past month:

    • Teacher hours tables now display session duration to two decimal places instead of just one.
    • Added “Bank Draft” to payment method options on the record payment form.
    • Fixed a bug that was allowing tutors to save their profiles without an email address.
    • Added a location filter to the calendar page to allow tutoring sessions on the calendar to be filtered by the tutoring location.

  • Added a location field to the popup boxes that appear when yo click a tutoring session on the calendar.
  • Fixed a bug in the prepaid hours table that was displaying unused hours incorrectly under some specific circumstances.
  • Added validation the the “Add Event” form to prevent the start time for tutoring sessions from being later than the end time.
  • Changed the way group sessions handle changes to the students that participate in a group tutoring session to allow for easier schedule changes for future sessions.
  • Fixed the cost field on the teacher time sheets report for group sessions.
  • Payments made through PayPal were not being recorded automatically if the PayPal email address in the tutoring company’s PayPal account had upper case letters and the PayPal email address entered in TutorPanel had only lower case letters.  We’ve fixed this so that differences in letter cases will not prevent a payment from being recorded automatically.
  • Added public and private notes to the “View” page for tutoring sessions in admin accounts.
  • Added a children column to the Balances table for family accounts.
  • Added a detailed “Export to Excel” option to the teacher hours table that displays tutor’s hours by session including the tutoring session title, students, date, start and end times, duration, wages and cost.
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