TutorPanel Updates June 2012

We’ve made the following updates and bug fixes to TutorPanel during the month of June.  To get real-time updates on improvements and bug fixes, follow us on Twitter at www.twitter.com/tutorpanel.  The improvements we make to TutorPanel are based on the suggestions of our users.  If you have a suggestion please let us know — if enough other tutoring companies request the same feature we will work on adding it.

  • Added a “children” column to the balances table to display the children in a family account.
  • Added a detailed “export to excel” option to the teacher hours table that displays teacher hours by session for every teacher.
  • When adding a single tutoring sessions, if a teacher is double-booked for a time slot an alert will now appear before the tutoring session is scheduled.
  • When recording a tutor’s payment you can now check a box to send the tutor an email with their payment details.
  • We added some validation to prevent adding or editing group events that have no students checked.
  • Fixed a bug that was showing an error message for group lessons saying to choose a student even though a student had been chosen.
  • Added South African Rand to the list of currencies.
  • Added a check box for sending notes to the “Edit Lesson Record” page so that notes can be resent from the Lesson history table.
  • Added a column to the Lesson History table to show if notes have been sent.
  • Admins can now give tutors access to files uploaded for their students by checking the appropriate box on the file upload form.
  • It’s now possible to upload files for all teachers or for specific teachers.
  • Calendar filters are now applied to the print view of the calendar to allow for printing a filtered calendar.  Select the calendar filter settings, then click print view and choose print settings, then click submit.
  • When choosing the option to exclude invoices with zero balances we’ve raised the minimum amount to $0.01 so that balances below this number due to rounding to not result in an invoice being created.
  • Added Parent Email column to the student “Export to Excel” file.
  • When clicking a time slot on the calendar in Internet Explorer the time rendered in the Add Lesson form was incorrect.  This has been fixed.
  • iCal feeds were not appearing in tutor accounts after making some changes to the code — we’ve fixed this so teachers can once again access their iCal feeds and sync their tutoring calendar with other calendar software.
  • Added a “tutoring type” column to the Lesson Details report.
  • We’ve changed the code for the birthday section on the home page to display birthdays in the next 30 days instead of only the current month.
  • Fixed a bug causing the location field for general events to appear incorrectly.

That’s all for this month.  We hope these changes will be useful to your tutoring business.

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