TutorPanel Updates July 2012

We made the following updates and bug fixes to TutorPanel during July. If you want to learn about updates as they happen you can follow us on Twitter at www.twitter.com/tutorpanel.

  • Added an option to list all locations on the appointment request form, which can be enabled in General Settings under “Request Lessons”
  • Added an option to hide tutoring types from the Request Appointment form in student and parent accounts.
  • Fixed a bug that was affecting emails that contained special characters in the subject or from field.
  • Custom fields are now visible in teacher accounts when this option is enabled on the General Settings page.

  • Custom fields on tutor profiles are now formatted as text fields so that they can be resized to fit more content. Resizing is possible in most major browsers except for Internet Explorer by dragging the bottom right corner of the text box.
  • Admins can now add a specific number of lessons when scheduling repeating lessons. For example, you can now have tutoring sessions repeat every Monday and Wednesday until 10 sessions have been scheduled.
  • The student search form now searches custom fields in addition to standard fields.



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