TutorPanel Updates for September 2012

The following changes were made to TutorPanel during September 2012:

  • Added the email feature to all admin accounts.
  • Fixed an error message that was appearing when a file could not be uploaded to the file area.
  • Updated the calendar to load only events for dates in the current period being viewed. This speeds up load times for tutoring companies with a large number of events.
  • General events now use a darker shade of gray to make reading easier.
  • Added a “Choose All” option to invoice forms for choosing all clients from a list.

  • Adjusted the file size limit in the file area to 5MB.
  • Fixed a bug in TutorPanel Mobile that was causing an error too appear when reconciling sessions with the option to email lesson notes enabled.
  • Income statement and financial snapshot are now included in the accounting and finance permission instead of report permission
  • Recurring flat fee for students is automatically removed if a student is inactive on the day the charge occurs.
  • Fixed the employee filter on the calendar to show only active employees
  • Fixed the calendar report teacher agenda view because it was displaying incorrect names for some fields.
  • Added “Choose All” option to the schedule confirmation form
  • Changed permission on schedule confirmations to staff with permission to edit the calendar
  • Fixed a bug that was causing all-day events not to appear in the “All Day” slot.
  • Teacher availability is now being displayed again when the calendar is filtered by teacher.
  • Added “Total Balances Due” to the Account balances page
  • Added “Now” navigation button to the reconcile list in the mobile site
  • Fixed the “Now” button in the calendar view of TutorPanel Mobile to go to the current week.
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