TutorPanel Updates for August 2012

We made the following improvements and bug fixes to TutorPanel during August:

    • Added a new export to Quickbooks option that allows admins to generate IIF files of customers, invoice totals and payments
    • Calendar in admin accounts can be re-sized to fit the full width of the screen.
    • Added a new week report that displays a row for each tutor and columns for each day. Under Reports > Teacher Week View
    • Added the ability to adjust the time slot minutes on the calendar to 15 minutes or 30 minutes. This can be set under general settings.

  • Added a note on the invoice preview page that reminds admins if the student billing type is prepaid package only prepaid package sales appear.
  • Added student filter to Lesson History table so you can view all past lessons and notes for a single student
  • Added payment method field to the “Add Prepaid Package” form when the option to record payment is chosen.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing some teacher accounts to sho birthdays of students that belonged to different tutors in the same company.
  • Added “Export to Excel” option for parent list.
  • Added the ability to display student birthdays in teacher accounts. This can be set in General Settings under the teacher section.
  • Search form on student table was not working correctly when doing basic search. This has been fixed.
  • Increased the max height of header logos from 25px to 45px
  • When using the “Create PDF” feature on the invoice page “Paid” stamp was not appearing. This has been fixed.
  • Changed the date format on calendar info popups to am/pm format
  • Fixed a bug where attached invoices in emails were not displaying the “Paid” stamp when paid.
  • The username field on teacher profiles was not checking to see if a name is available before saving the form. This has been fixed.
  • Introduced mass email for certain TutorPanel users. This will roll out to all users in September.
  • Edit events directly from the Teacher Week View report. Click on an event then click an option.
  • Doubled server size to handle the higher traffic on TutorPanel
  • Fixed an error that was appearing when adding a tutoring type to the price list when wage tiers are enabled, but no tiers have been added.
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