TutorPanel Updates for November 2012

We’ve made the following updates to TutorPanel during November:

  • Ordered the Lesson Type menu alphabetically on the Add Lesson form
  • Made the date field wider on the batch reconcile forms.
  • Fixed an error message that was appearing when adding to a price list with wage tiers enabled, but no wage tiers created.
  • Calender Teacher List Report is now ordered by start time followed by teacher last name
  • Teachers can now be searched by subject in addition to first and last name
  • Added “Send Receipt” option to the edit payment form to allow receipts to be sent for previously recorded payments.
  • Added staff permission to hide tutoring costs on the calendar and reconcile form
  • Staff accounts now need permission for both Accounting & Finances and Reports in order to view the financial snapshot on the home page
  • The employees table now displays only active employees.  Staff and teacher tables can be used to view inactive employees.
  • Export to excel student file now displays parent first and last name in two columns
  • Changed the time format in several sections of the website to use the standard time format instead of 24-hour time
  • After deleting all events on a day, TutorPanel was redirecting to a missing page — this has been fixed.
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