Recent Updates

In February & March we added the following new features and bug fixes to TutorPanel:

  • Added Korean Won and Guatemalan Quetzal to list of available currencies.
  • When reconciling group sessions from teacher accounts wage is now set to zero if status for all students is set to cancelled.
  • Fixed formatting bug in emails containing short codes that were sent to adult and child students.
  • Fixed formatting of “Details” section in Teacher payslip emails.
  • Updated invoices table to display last name before first name to allow sorting by last name

  • Added ability to send emails to employees
  • Updated the pagination format on the lesson history table and fixed pagination on lesson history table when single student is selected.
  • Updated password reset form so temporary passwords can only be created for usernames of active accounts.
  • Changed the prepaid balances table to be ordered by last name.
  • Added support for Chinese fonts in pdf invoices
  • Added Lesson Status Hours report that displays a summary of lesson hours by status for week and month periods.
  • Fixed auto invoice schedules with the first date set as after the 28th day of the month, since this was causing later invoices to have the incorrect date range.
  • When recording an invoice payment invoice is now only automatically marked as paid if the payment is for the full amount.
  • Form for editing events now displays only active teachers.
  • Parent and account balances tables are now ordered by last name.
  • Account balances and invoices were not displaying lessons with values below zero. This has been fixed to make it easier to spot errors in the cost and wages of tutoring sessions where the cost and wage were set incorrectly to a negative value.
  • Fixed an error in teacher accounts when reconciling lessons for teachers who do not have permission to change times.
  • Schedule confirmations now log subject and message fields. To view click the confirmation row in the history table.
  • Corrected bug in eamil tables that was displaying the times in GMT rather than local time.
  • Fixed bug on admin reconcile form that was displaying incorrect validation message for time fields.
  • Notification emails have been updated to display Chinese characters correctly.
  • Added address, city, state, zip and notes fields to the search function in the teachers table.
  • Added pdf extension to end of invoice attachment so that the downloaded file can be opened automatically in pdf reader.
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