Tracking Tutor Wages with Wage Tiers

At TutorPanel we continually work on improving our tutoring software based on feedback we receive from customers. A recently added feature that may help your business track your tutor’s wages is a different wage tracking method called “Wage Tiers”. Originally, TutorPanel had a simple method for tracking tutor wages. You could either pay your tutors their wages based on the type of tutoring they were providing to the student or you could set a flat hourly rate regardless of tutoring type. While these methods are sufficient for many small tutoring businesses, some tutoring companies wanted the ability to pay tutors different wages for different types of tutoring based on the tutor’s experience, education level, etc.

Step 1

As a solution to this need we recently introduced Wage Tiers. Wage Tiers are set up by first going to your Account Management tab and clicking on General Settings. In the right column go down to the “Teacher Settings” section. Next to Teacher Wages select the radio button for “Wage Tiers”.

Step 2

The second step is to go to the Calendar Tab and click Tutoring Prices. On the tutoring prices page click the “Manage Wage Tiers” link in the sidebar on the right.

Step 3

You can enter names for your wage tiers using this form. You can use a naming convention like such as “Level 1, Level 2, Level 3” or “Tier 1, Tier 2…” or whatever best describes the wage levels in your tutoring business.

Step 4

Now that your tiers have been created you can go back to your tutoring price list and click the “Edit” button for your prices. You will now see fields for the wage tiers that you just added. Enter the hourly rate for each wage tier. You will also see a default wage – this is the wage that will be used if you have not assigned a wage tier to a tutor. It will also be the wage that remains if you switch back to a Single Wage system.

Step 5

The final step is to set the wage tier for each of your tutors. In your tutor’s profiles you will now see a select menu listing your wage tiers in the place where the tutor’s hourly wage used to be. When you add new tutors you can set the wage when you enter their other information.

And that’s all. Now when you schedule tutoring sessions on the calendar, TutorPanel will work in the background to determine the appropriate hourly wage based on the tutoring type and the tutor. Keep in mind that wages are set when tutoring sessions are added to the calendar so if you make any changes to your wage tiers or hourly rates, they will only be applied to tutoring sessions added after you’ve made the change.


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