Tutor Management with TutorPanel

An important aspect of managing your tutoring business is tutor management.  Tutor management refers specifically to the administrative tasks associated with managing your tutors and TutorPanel contains features that act as a tutor management system.  In this post we’ll look at several of the features that TutorPanel includes to help make managing your tutors easier.

  1. Tutor Profiles — TutorPanel allows you to save information on each of your tutors in their own profile. This includes contact information, subjects, hourly wage, availability and more. It’s useful having a place single place page where you can view or update all of the information about your tutors.
  2. Tutor Scheduling — TutorPanel makes scheduling your tutors easy. The calendar includes a number of different views including month, week and day as well as teacher view which displays all of your teachers in columns so you can compare their schedules and find openings. The calendar allows you to filter by tutor to quickly zero in on their schedule and scheduling appointments for tutors is as easy as clicking a time slot and entering the appointment details
  3. Tutor Hour-Tracking – TutorPanel makes it easy to track tutor hours. Instead of requiring your tutors to submit their hours each week, TutorPanel tracks your tutors hours right from the calendar. After an appointment a tutor reconciles it by marking it as Attended, Missed or Cancelled and their hours are immediately visible in the tutor hours table. You can quickly view how many hours a tutor has worked during a period of time and instantly drill down to view the specific sessions they taught.
  4. Tutor Payments – Tracking payments is another important feature in TutorPanel. In the same section where you can view your tutors’ hours, you can record payments. At any point in time you can see how much a tutor has earned, how much they’ve been paid, and how much you owe them.
  5. Automatic Lesson Reminders – Tutor’s can have busy schedules and from time to time there’s the chance that they might forget about a scheduled session. TutorPanel helps you and your tutors avoid this situation by allowing you to send your tutors automatic email reminders for upcoming sessions including the title of the session, student, location and time. You can even adjust how far in advance these are sent out.
  6. Online Tutor Access – Making it easy for your tutors to access information about their tutoring and students is an important part of any tutor management system. TutorPanel allows you to create accounts for each of your tutors that displays their contact information, students, lesson history, hours, calendar and more. Plus, changes you make in your administrator account are instantly visible to tutors in their own accounts. Another great feature is the ability to control which features and information your tutors can access.

These are just a few of the features in our tutor management software that can help you manage your tutors. If you haven’t signed up yet for a free trial of TutorPanel, then visit our signup page and get started in under 1 minute: www.tutorpanel.com/signup


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