Tutoring Business Names: Your Guide to Selecting the Best

Coming up with a unique tutoring business name that communicates a specific message about your brand and services can be a difficult task. In this post we’ll look at some useful techniques that will help you generate and then narrow down a number of ideas for naming your business.

Breaking down a business name

Small or new business names should usually have two parts. First, you should have a unique word that distinguishes your business from others in your industry. Second, you should have a descriptive part that describes what your business does. The reason why you should include a descriptive part is because without it people won’t know what your business does and they will not be able to establish a connection between your business name and the service you offer – which is necessary for effectively building your brand. As your business becomes more well known and people continue hear your business name they will strengthen the connection between the unique name and the service and eventually when they hear either one they will think of the other.

Let’s look at each part separately:

1. The Unique Part

There are several different techniques that can be used to come up with the unique portion of your business name.

Geography – Naming your company after the specific geographic area that you serve can be an effective unique name that also communicates to people the market that you serve. For example, if your company is based in the city Cambridge you can use “Cambridge” as the unique part of your name, or if you focus on a suburb called Forest Hill use “Forest Hill” in your name. One potential downside is that if you expand into other markets people might get the impression that you don’t serve their market.

Aspirational Words – People hire tutoring companies to improve their performance or attain success in academics, which is why tutoring company names that include words related to success, improvement, intelligence and other goals can be effective in building a tutoring brand that people naturally associate with their academic goals. Words such as “Master”, “Premier”, “A+”, “Leap”, “Elite” and others all accomplish this goal. Use websites like Thesaurus.com to find unique synonyms. It’s also a good idea to be creative when using these words since many other tutoring companies will also be attracted to them. Creating a phrase like “Quest for Success” instead of just “Success” will help distinguish your brand.

Value Proposition – Focusing on your unique value proposition as the unique word in your business name will help associate your brand with your unique value in people’s minds. Words or phrases such as “One-on-One”, “Traveling”, “Total Algebra”, “Back to Basics” and others all specify a specific specialty or unique value offered by the company. These can be based on the method of teaching, where you tutor, the subject you specialize in or the grade level you are targeting.

Subject Specific – Tutoring companies that specialize in a specific subject sometimes use words from their subject in their business names. These can include names of polymaths or influential figures such as “Pascal”, “Einstein”, “da Vinci”, or well-known terminology as “Pi”, “MC2“, or words in a foreign language for language tutoring.

Personal Name – You can use your own name in the name of your tutoring business. This can be an effective method if you are already well-known in the education industry as either a teacher, researcher or other type of professional or have developed some novel learning techniques. It can also help your business develop quicker if there is already a lot of favorable information about you on the internet. Kumon takes its name from Toru Kumon who developed his own teaching method, and Huntington Learning Center is named after Raymond & Eileen Huntington.

2. The Descriptive Part

The descriptive part of your business name is made up of words such as tutoring, tutors, education, learning, learning center, etc. This is the portion of your name that communicates exactly what your business does. If you build your brand strong enough, over time you will not even need to use this part of your business name and lots of people will naturally think of your tutoring business.

Other Considerations

Business name registration – Check if any other businesses in your area have the same or similar names. Having a name that can be confused easily with another company won’t help your brand and you may be forced to change your business name later on. To protect your name you may want to register with the relevant government department.

Domain Names – Check online to see if your business name is available as a domain name. First, it’s useful to have a domain name that is the same as your business name because it appears more professional and it’s useful in case people try to find your website by typing your business name. Even if they use google to type your business name, your business will appear higher in the rankings if your business name matches your domain name.

The Process

Now that you know the techniques for generating tutoring business names, come up with a list of a couple dozen possible names for your tutoring business.  Don’t worry about them being perfect or not, just focus on making a long list.

Once your list is complete go through each of the names and cross off the ones that you don’t like.

Now go through the remaining names and consider things such as how well they match with your branding message, check online if any other tutoring businesses in your area are already using the name, and check a website like GoDaddy to see if the domain name is available.  Tweak the names in the list that you like until you have just a few names that you’re happy with.

To narrow down this list to a single name, ask your friends and families which names they like best and what kind of thoughts the names evoke in their minds.  Tally up the results and select the name that has the most votes and fits your brand.

Share Your Ideas

I hope this article has helped you come up with a unique tutoring business name.  Share some of your ideas or let us know about some other techniques for generating  tutoring business names in the comments.

Want Some More Ideas? 

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  1. These are some great tips for naming your tutoring business. Sometimes you are judged based on name alone, believe it or not. Make sure that it accurately represents your brand personality and services.