Staying on top of multiple schedules, managing tutors in different locations and handling the administration of your business can be challenging. TutorPanel is here to help. Designed for the specific needs of tutoring companies, TutorPanel makes administration easier and frees up your time.
Business software that fits your business

General business software requires you to make your business fit your software and not the other way around. This often results in you entering the same data more than once and switching back and forth between different programs for scheduling, book-keeping and other administrative tasks.

TutorPanel is a unified business management system for tutoring companies that brings all of your administrative tasks into one place. Not only is it designed specifically for tutoring companies, it offers the flexibility to fit your specific business needs.

Setup. Reconcile. Results.

The TutorPanel advantage lies in the way it combines all of the normally separate administrative tasks in your tutoring business and shares data between them so you don't have to re-enter any data. This saves you time and reduces clerical errors. Here's how it works:

Set up

Enter student contact information, billing details and create a recurring lesson schedule when you begin tutoring them.


As lessons occur they are added to a single table for tutors to reconcile. Tutors confirm the time and cost, record notes and set the status as attended, rescheduled, cancelled or missed.


TutorPanel takes the information entered and performs the following tasks with little or no additional input from you:

  • Sends lesson reminders to students and parents for upcoming tutoring sessions to reduce missed lessons.
  • Sends lesson notes following lessons to keep parents informed of the progress their children are making.
  • Automatically bills students based on lessons attended or on a periodic basis.
  • Generates invoices that automatically organize fees, credits and payments for a period.
  • Automatically sends invoice notification emails to your clients to reduce late payments.
  • Students and parents can log in to their own accounts and view past transactions, lesson records, invoices or make payments. This reduces the amount of time you and your staff spend addressing these issues over the phone.
  • Tutors' hours are automatically totalled and can be combined with an hourly rate to automatically track your tutors' earnings.

Minimizing data entry not only reduces clerical errors, it drastically reduces the time you spend on administrative tasks.

But there's more...

TutorPanel does more than scheduling, billing and lesson records. While you're logged into your account you can easily record your business expenses. Record expenses manually or set up a recurring expense for your expenses that repeat periodically.

Your expenses are automatically combined with lesson fees to generate an income statement with the click of a button.

Access from Anywhere

TutorPanel is web-based which means no software installs, free updates and your tutors and students can access from anywhere.

Your tutors can reconcile lessons from the convenience of their own homes. Parents and students can view invoices and pay online from their work or home computers. You can see tutoring fees come in as tutors reconcile lessons. Plus changes made from any computer are instantly available to anyone else on the system.

Easy to Integrate

It couldn't be easier to make TutorPanel a part of your tutoring business. It is entirely web-based so it doesn't require any software installations. There are no set up fees. And it can be customized with your own logo and colors to match your brand.

We even provide you with an embedded login form that you can add to your site so users can seamlessly transition from your site to your TutorPanel account.