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Accepting Online Payments

If you want to accept online payments through your TutorPanel account, complete the following steps.

1. Hover your cursor over the "Account Management" tab and click on "General Settings".

2. Under the "Payment Methods" section enable online payments by selecting "Yes".

3. To accept payments you'll need a free PayPal business account. (You can open an account here: PayPal Business Account. Choose the Website Payments Standard option). Once you have a PayPal business account, in TutorPanel under Payment Methods, check the PayPal checkbox and enter the email address used to sign up for your PayPal account.

4. If you want to provide instructions for other payment methods, check the "Other" box and enter the instructions in the text field.

Once you have completed these steps a payment page will appear in adult student and parent accounts. A "Pay Online" button will also appear on your invoices.