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Adding Prepaid Tutoring Hours

TutorPanel offers an easy way to add prepaid tutoring packages to student accounts.

Before you begin, you will need to make sure you've added at least one tutoring type to your tutoring price list. You can add tutoring products by going to the Calendar tab and clicking "Tutoring Prices".

You will also need to set the student's billing method to "Tutoring Package" and save the changes -- this can be done on the student's profile page.

There are two methods for adding a tutoring package to a student's account:

Method 1

1. Go to the student's profile by hovering over the Students tab, clicking Student List and clicking on the row of the student who will be purchasing a bundle of tutoring sessions.

2. In the sidebar of the student's profile you will see an option "Add prepaid sessions". Click this link and you will be brought to the "Add Tutoring Type" page.

3. The student field will already contain the name of the student and you will need to select the type of tutoring and the number of hours.

4. You can record a payment for the tutoring package at the same time you add it to the student's account. Otherwise you can do this manually if the student pays later on.

Method 2

1. Hover your cursor over the Accounting Tab, Prepaid Sessions and click on "Add Prepaid Sessions".

2. Complete the form by selecting a student, tutoring type, and number of hours.

3. Check the "Record Payment" box if you would like to record a payment for the tutoring sessions at the same time.