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Automatic Invoicing

Automatic invoicing can save you large amounts of time because you only need to set up an invoicing schedule once and it will run on its own until it reaches the end date that you've selected.

To set up automatic invoicing go to Accounting -> Invoices -> Set Automatic Invoicing.

The form is very similar to the manual invoice form, but it does have some extra fields.

1. In the left column is a list of adult students and parents. Check the boxes to select the invoice recipients.

2. In the right column you'll want to name your invoice schedule so that you can edit it in the future.

3. Next select how often you want to generate invoices. You can choose between months or weeks. This will also determine the length of the billing period your invoices cover.

4. Next choose the schedule start and end date. The start date is the date the first invoice will be generated.

5. The end date is the date that you will stop generating invoices using the schedule. You can set this to a year or more into the future, and you can always extend it.

6. If you bill your clients in advance select the future transaction radio button. If you're billing for past lessons select the past transactions button.

7. You can generate invoices before or after the invoice period. When billing for future transactions you would want to generate the invoice a few days in advance so that your customers can receive and pay the invoice total before the invoice period begins.

8. When billing for past transactions you can set a delay in case you don't want to create an invoice immediately on the date the invoice period ends. This can be useful since it gives you and your teachers some extra time to make sure all the lessons are reconciled for the invoice period and that all payments and fees have been recorded.

9. Including the starting balance will add any money owed at the start of the invoicing period to the total for the new invoice period. If you don't check this box the invoice will show only transactions within the period you selected.

10. You also have the option to include or exclude payments. You can choose to include unreconciled lessons which is useful if you are billing for future lessons that have not yet been reconciled.

11. If you want to send a notification to students or parents for new invoices just check the "Send notification" box. It's necessary for the students and parents to have an email address and user account in order to receive the notification.

12. The last step is to add your payment instructions so students and parents know when and how to pay you.

13. Submit the form and your schedule is set.

You can view or edit your automatic invoicing schedules under Accounting->Invoices->Auto Invoice Schedules->click the row for the appropriate invoice schedule.