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Student Bulk Upload

If you need to upload several students into TutorPanel and do not want to do it manually you can use TutorPanel's bulk upload feature. The bulk upload feature allows you to upload most information for student's using a CSV file.

To get started click on the Students tab and then click the "Bulk Upload Students" link in the sidebar on the right.

Bulk upload is for adding new students, not updating existing students. Including students in the CSV that are already in your TutorPanel account will result in duplicates.

Follow these steps to use the bulk upload feature:

1. Download the upload template by clicking clicking this link: Bulk Upload Template. Save this to a location on your computer so you can find it.

2. Open the file using a spreadsheet program such as Excel or OpenOffice Calc.

3. Enter the information for each of your students based on the column headers. The following instructions provide details for entering student information.

The first two rows in the file are examples. Remember to delete these before uploading your own records.

Student Type
Enter whether the student is a "child" or "adult" in this field.

First Name and Last Name
Enter the student's first and last name in these two fields.

Address and Phone Numbers
These fields are optional

Email Address
The email address is optional, but if you are enabling lesson reminders or email lesson notes, then it is required.

Birthdate to Student Notes
Columns from Birthdate to Student Notes are optional. Use the YYYY-MM-DD format otherwise the records may not upload correctly.

The student's status is required. Enter "active" if the student is a current student, or "inactive" if the student is not currently active.

Lesson Reminders & Email Lesson Notes
If you want to send the student lesson reminders and their lesson notes then enter "enabled" in these fields. A valid email address is required if either of these fields is enabled.

Parent First & Last Name
Parent first and last names are only required if the student is a child. For multiple parents enter both first names in the first name field, for example "Bob and Cathy", and their last name in the last name field. Other wise enter the name of the parent that is responsible for paying the student's tutoring fees.

Parent Mobile Phone
This field is optional. The address and Home Phone entered earlier are also recorded in the parent table.

Parent Email
A valid parent email address is required if lesson reminders or lesson notes are enabled for the parent.

Parent Notes
This field is optional. You can enter notes that you need to remember about the parent here.

Parent Lesson Reminders & Parent Lesson Notes
If you want to send lesson reminders or notes to the parent, enter "enabled" in these fields. Leave blank if you don't want to enable them. A valid parent email address is required if these fields are enabled.

Parents with multiple children
If parent's have more than one child make sure you spell the parent's first name, last name and address exactly the same for both student rows otherwise you will create two sets of parent records.

4. After entering your students' information you will need to save the file in the correct format. In your spreadsheet program, click "Save As". Select "Text CSV (.csv)" or "CSV (comma delimited) or the equivalent in your program as the file type. If you're using a Mac save as Windows Comma Separated (.csv).

Note: If your records have special characters such as letters with accents or other non-english characters make sure to set the encoding to UTF-8 when you save your CSV file.

5. Upload the file. Go to the bulk upload page in your TutorPanel account (Go to the student list and click "Bulk Upload" in the sidebar on the right). Click on the browse button to select the file you created. Click "Upload" and the data will be validated and uploaded to your account.

6. If any errors occur they will be displayed after the correct records have been added. The table will display the students first and last name and a description of the error. Go back to your csv file and correct these rows and remove the other rows. Repeat the process for these records.

7. If you want to create accounts for any of your students so that they can access their calendar, lesson history, etc on TutorPanel you will need to add a username and password to each profile.