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Changing Tutoring Prices and Wages

At times you may need to update your tutoring prices or wages. This article covers some important details for implementing new prices or wages.

First, read this article to understand how to set up prices in your price list: Setting Up Tutoring Prices.

It's important to note that tutoring prices and wages are set when tutoring sessions are scheduled. This means that even if you change the tutoring prices in your list or change a tutor's wage, the new prices and wages will not be reflected in previously scheduled tutoring sessions.

After you've updated your tutoring prices and/or wages, when you schedule new tutoring sessions they will use the new prices and wages.

However, you may already have some repeating sessions for which you want to apply the new prices or wages. If this is the case then follow these steps to apply the new prices or wages to an existing series of events:

1. Go to the Calendar.

2. Click on the event in the series where you wan to begin using the new price or wage.

3. Click "Edit" in the pop-up window.

4. Confirm that the correct lesson type is selected.

5. Under the Update Options section choose the option to apply changes to "This Event and Future Recurrences".

6. Save the form. The new prices or wages will be applied to the remaining events in the series.

7. Repeat this process for other repeating series that you want update.