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Creating an Invoice

Creating an invoice with TutorPanel is a simple process and you can create multiple invoices at the same time. To begin, go to the "Accounting" tab and put your cursor over "Invoices" and then click on "Create an Invoice".

On the invoice form you will see a list of parents and adult students in the left column. Select the recipients from this list by checking the boxes next to their names. In the right column you need to select the start and end dates for the billing period, include or exclude the starting balance, choose whether or not to send a notification, and enter your payment instructions.

You can also choose to include unreconciled lessons (which lets you bill clients for future lessons that have not yet been reconciled) and payments.

Including the starting balance will add any money owed at the start of the invoicing period to the total for the new invoice period. If you don't check this box the invoice will show only payments and charges within the period you selected.

Note: For clients that are billed using the prepaid package method, invoices show the transaction for the purchase of prepaid hours -- not individual sessions.

You can preview the invoices by clicking "Preview".

To create the invoices, check the confirmation box and click submit.