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Emailing Lesson Notes

TutorPanel lets you automatically email lesson notes to parents and students.

To enable this feature check the box "Send lesson notes" on the student or parents profile page. Also make sure you have their email address entered. You can do this when adding a new student or you can update existing students.

For parents do the same thing and also make sure you've entered their email address. Parent profiles can be reached by clicking "Edit Parent Info" on their child's profile.

When a lesson is reconciled the tutor or administrator will need to check the box to email to email the lesson notes. Only public notes will be sent and notes will only be sent to students or parents that have lesson notes enabled on their profiles.

If you want to customize the subject and message of the email you can create your own custom template. Click on the Account Management tab and then on Notifications. Click "Edit" next to the Student Lesson Notes template or the Parent Lesson Notes template and make and save your changes.