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How to Manage Discounts

If your tutoring company offers discounts to customers there are a number of ways you can handle these in TutorPanel depending on how you would like the discounts to appear in your financial records and invoices.

Method 1 - Adding Discounts to Your Tutoring Price List

Using this method you would add additional items to your price list at discounted rates. For example, if you have a tutoring price called "Math Tutoring" at $40/hour you could add another tutoring price called "Math Tutoring - 5% Disc" at $38/hour, "Math Tutoring - 10% Disc" at $36/hour, and so on.

Using this method the discount is netted out and won't appear separately in the customer's account or on invoices - they will just see the discount reflected in a lower price per session. If you want to keep track of the total amount of discounts you've issued then you should use the next method since this method doesn't keep tutoring fees and discounts separate.

Method 2 - Issue a Credit

Using this method when you schedule tutoring sessions for a client you can then issue a credit to reflect a discount to the customer under the Accounting Tab -> Fees & Credits -> Issue a Credit.

For example, if you schedule 10 hour long sessions at $40/hour the student's regular fee will be $400. However, if you want to give them a 10% discount you can issue a credit to their account for $40 and label it as a discount.

Using this method discounts will appear as separate line items in customers' transaction histories and on invoices. This method is best if you want to track the total amount of discounts you've issued because they are kept separate from your clients tutoring fees.