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How to Track Tutor Wages

TutorPanel allows you to track tutor wages based on the hours of their reconciled lessons. This can save you time on payroll, since TutorPanel will automatically calculate the number of hours they have tutored and will apply their tutoring wage.

There are two ways to set tutor wages:
1) You can set a tutor wage for a specific type of tutoring in your tutoring price list.
2) If you leave the wage empty on the tutoring price list, TutorPanel will use the rate set on the tutor's profile.

Method One - Set Wage in Price List

1. Go to the Calendar tab -> Tutoring Prices.
2. Click "Edit" for existing tutoring types or click "Add New Item" to add a new tutoring price.
3. Complete the form and enter the hourly wage for this type of tutoring in the "Hourly Wage" field.
4. Save the form.

Wage Tiers

If you pay tutors with different levels of experience or education at different rates for the same type of tutoring you can set several different wage tiers in your price list.
For more information click here Wage Tiers.

Method Two - Set Wage on Teacher Profile

1. Go to the Employees tab -> Teachers -> Teacher List.
2. Click on the row of the teacher you want to edit.
3. Enter the teacher's hourly wage in the wage field.
4. Save the form.

How Wages are Applied to Sessions

It's important to keep in mind that the tutoring wage is set when a tutoring session is added to the calendar, so you must first set the wage in your tutoring price list or on the tutor's profile.

If you change your tutor's wage and want the wage to be updated on the calendar you need to go to the first tutoring session that will use the new wage, click on the event, click "Edit" in the pop-up and then you will be directed to the edit form. On this form make sure that the correct tutoring type has been selected. Go to "Apply changes to" and select "This event and future recurrences". When you select this option some additional fields will appear. Double check to make sure they're correct and click save.

The events edited will use the updated tutor wage. You can click on an event on the calendar and the pop-up will display the tutor's wage.