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Managing Prepaid Tutoring Packages

TutorPanel lets you add prepaid tutoring packages to student accounts. The way this works is that students pay in advance for a package of tutoring hours. As they schedule and attend tutoring sessions their prepaid balance declines. When it reaches zero they can purchase more hours for future use.

To learn how to add prepaid hours to a student's account read this article: Adding Prepaid Tutoring Hours

Recording Payment

When you add hours to a student's account you have the option of recording a payment immediately. This is a good idea since you won't need to do this manually.

When the payment is recorded the student's account will show a negative balance indicating that they have paid in advance and can use the balance towards future tutoring sessions. As the student attends the tutoring sessions, their prepaid balance will decline until it is used up. At this time the student will need to purchase more hours in order to be able to schedule more tutoring sessions.

Managing Prepaid Balances

You can view a student's remaining unscheduled and unused hours by clicking on Prepaid Accounts under the Accounting tab. This table displays the prepaid balances for each student for each type of tutoring. Click on a student's row to view a detailed history of all their past tutoring package purchases.

If you need to delete a transaction because of an error, click the delete button in the final column of the hours you want to delete. This will also delete the payment if you recorded one when adding the prepaid hours