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Printing the Calendar

Printing the calendar can be tricky since every browser handles printing a bit differently; however, if you follow these instructions you should be able to adjust your browser's settings so that your calendar will be printed correctly.

From the Calendar page begin by clicking the "Print View" option in the sidebar and choose the time range. This will bring you to the calendar print view.

1. In order to make sure events appear on the calendar when printed you'll need to enable your browser to print the background colors & images. If you look for your browser's "Printer Settings" or "Page Setup" you will be able to find a section that will allow you to enable this option.

2. Depending on the height of the calendar you are printing you will need to select the page orientation when you print the calendar. Set it to landscape if your calendar is wider than it is tall and to portait if it's taller than it is wide.

3. If your calendar doesn't fit entirely on one page you can adjust the margins and adjust the scale to make the calendar fit on a single page. Usually adjusting to 90% of the original size is enough. If the calendar does not fit then you may want to consider printing the Calendar List View under the Reports tab instead.

4. Before you print the calendar you should set the start time that is equal to the start time of your earliest lesson for the period you're printing and set an end time for the end of the latest lessons. Doing this will remove any times without any lessons from the calendar.