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Reconciling Sessions for Administrators

Administrators can reconcile lessons from any of their teachers. When reconciling tutoring sessions you can adjust the date, start and end time, tutoring fee and tutor wage.

If a tutoring session is rescheduled you can select the new date and select "Rescheduled/Unreconciled" in the status field.

If the start and end times change you can also update these fields. It's important to remember to update the cost field and wage field as well to reflect the change in the duration of the tutoring session.

If you are not charging your student on a per session basis you should leave the cost field as zero so that the student will not be charged twice.

To reconcile a lesson click the lesson on the calendar. In the pop-up box click on the "Reconcile" option. A form will appear displaying the lesson details and student(s).

You will have the following options when setting the status of reconciled lessons:

1. Rescheduled - if the lesson has been rescheduled to a new time, change the date of the lesson to the new date and set the status to Rescheduled/Unreconciled.

2. Attended - Select this option for tutoring sessions that were attended.

3. Cancelled - Select this option if the tutoring session was cancelled and proper notice was given.

For tutor accounts, the cost and wage are automatically set to zero when a session is cancelled.

In accounts where the cost or wage is visible (such as admin accounts) these fields will need to be set to the appropriate amount. You can have the cost and wage automatically set to zero by going to the Account Management tab -> General Settings -> Canceled Sessions and setting it to set the cost and wage to zero.

4. Missed - Select this option if the student didn't attend a tutoring session and did not provide proper notice. The cost and wage will remain at the original amounts, so be sure to adjust the values according to your policy for missed sessions.

When reconciling lessons you can also enter public notes that will be shared with the student. You can enter private notes about the student or tutoring session in the Private Notes field.

You can also reconcile multiple lessons at once by using TutorPanel's bulk reconcile feature. This can be found under the Calendar tab, under Bulk Reconcile.