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Reconciling Sessions for Teachers

Reconciling lessons is an important step in the TutorPanel process since the information entered here is used to calculate the tutoring fee charged to the student and for tracking your tutoring hours.

To reconcile a lesson, click the lesson on the calendar. In the pop-up box click on the "Reconcile" option. A form will appear displaying the lesson details and student(s).

You can adjust the date and time for lessons. If you need to reschedule a lesson you can change the date field to the rescheduled date. If your tutoring session runs longer or shorter than scheduled you can adjust the start and end times.

If you can view the tutoring session cost in your account you should adjust this to reflect the correct fee charged to the student.

You will have the following options when setting the status of reconciled lessons:

1. Rescheduled - if the lesson has been rescheduled to a new time, change the date of the lesson to the new date and set the status to Rescheduled/Unreconciled.

2. Attended - Select this option for tutoring sessions that were attended.

3. Cancelled - Select this option if the tutoring session was cancelled and proper notice was given.

4. Missed - Select this option if the student didn't attend a tutoring session and did not provide proper notice. Your administrator will need to adjust the wage and cost of the session from their admin account to reflect your company's policy for missed lessons.

When you reconcile tutoring sessions you can also enter public notes that will be shared with the student or student's parents. You can enter private notes about the student or tutoring session in the Private Notes field.

If you want to email a copy of the notes to the student or parents check to box to send the notes. Notes will only be sent if this option has also been enabled in the student or parent's profile by the administrator.