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Reconciling Status, Duration, Wages and Costs in Teacher Accounts

When reconciling sessions from an admin or staff account the wage and cost fields are visible and can be edited. The values of a reconciled session are straightforward -- whatever values are in the wage and cost field when you submit the reconcile form are the values that will be saved.

However, when reconciling from a teacher account where the wage is not visible and the cost may or may not be visible, it is important to understand how the wage and cost are impacted.

1. Session Duration

If a teacher changes the duration of a session and the wage and cost fields are hidden then the wage and cost will change corresponding to the change in the duration. For example, if a teacher doubles the duration of the session, the wage and cost for that session will also double.

2. Session Status

Attended - If a session's status is set to "Attended" the wage and cost will be saved according to the original values from when the session was scheduled (adjusted for any change in duration).

Cancelled - If a session is cancelled, the wage and cost will be automatically set to zero. Note that if a teacher changes the status back to scheduled, attended or missed, the wage and cost will remain at zero.

Missed - If a session is reconciled as missed the cost and wage will remain unchanged and the admin can adjust the wage and cost according to your company's policy for missed sessions.

3. Cost Visiblity

If the cost is visible in a teacher's account then the value in the cost field when the form is submitted is the value that will be saved.