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How to Set Account Balances to Zero

If you need to set a client's account balance to zero, there are two methods you can use depending on the situation.

Method 1 - Adjusting Entry

If you already have a large number of transactions, then it's best to create an adjusting entry that will bring the client's account balance to zero.

1. Go to the Accounting tab -> Account Balances.

2. Make a note of the Account Balance for the client.

3. If the client has a negative balance, then record a fee for the amount of their balance (Accounting tab -> Fees & Credits -> Record a Fee). Alternatively, you can record a negative payment if you've given them a refund (Accounting tab -> Payments -> Record Payment -> Enter negative amount).

4. If the client has a positive balance (ie. they owe money) you can reverse this by recording a credit entry for the amount they owe (Accounting tab -> Fees & Credits -> Issue a Credit) or record a payment entry (Accounting tab -> Payments -> Record Payment).

Method 2 - Delete Transactions

The account balance is made up of individual transactions, so if the client has a small number of transactions, it may be quicker to just delete the transactions.

1. Go to the Accounting tab -> Account Balances.

2. Click on the row of the client to view their transactions.

3. Click on a transaction.

4. On the transaction page click the "Delete" link in the sidebar to delete the transaction. Repeat for any other transactions.

5. For any lessons listed you can click on the lesson and set the cost to zero or go to the calendar and click on the event, click "Delete" in the pop-up box and then select the appropriate delete option to completely remove the lesson.