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Automatically Set Wage and Cost to Zero for Canceled Sessions

When reconciling a tutoring session and setting the cost to "Canceled" you may wish to have TutorPanel automatically set the cost and tutor wage to zero so that you don't have to do this manually.

If your company policy is to charge a fee for any cancelled sessions then you can either choose to adjust the cost and tutor wage manually or you can still enable TutorPanel to set it to zero, but after setting the status as canceled you can go back and adjust the session cost to reflect the correct amount.

Follow these steps for adjusting how canceled sessions are handled:

1. Go to the Account Management tab and click on General Settings.

2. Find the section labeled "Canceled Sessions" in the right column.

3. If you want to automatically set wage and cost to zero for canceled sessions select the "Set to Zero" option.

4. If you want to set the wage and cost manually when reconciling then select the "Set Manually" option.

5. Save the form.