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Setting up a Lesson Schedule

You can set up a lesson schedule when you add a student by checking the box labeled "Set up Lesson Schedule" and completing the form that appears. You can choose which days of the week the student has lessons, which dates to begin and end their lessons, the start time and end time for each lesson, the location and the frequency.

You can also set up lesson schedules under the calendar tab. Put your cursor over the calendar tab and click "Add Lessons". This form allows you to add single events or other types of events, but when setting up a lesson schedule you don't need to use all of the fields.

The fields you do need to fill out are:
1) Student
2) Event title - using the student's first and last name is ideal
3) the teacher
4) event type - select "lesson"
5) location
6) cost - this should be zero if the student is being billed periodically or the standard rate if they are being billed per lesson
7) date - enter the date of the first lesson
8) lesson duration - leave set on timed
9) start and end times 10) time - select repeat by day
11) repeat on - check the days of the week that have lessons
12) set the frequency
and 13) select the end date.

When you hit submit the events will be added to the calendar.