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Setting Up Tutoring Prices

TutorPanel now uses a standard price list for setting the price of tutoring sessions. In order to add tutoring sessions to your calendar you will need to enter at least one type of tutoring in your price list. The following article covers some special situations for setting up tutoring prices.

You can access your tutoring prices under the Calendar tab -> Tutoring Prices.

Single Tutoring Rate
If your company only offers tutoring at one rate you can simply add a single item named something like "Tutoring Session" or "Regular". The hourly rate you enter will be used to calculate the fee for the tutoring sessions you schedule. You can also enter the tutor's hourly wage if you want to use TutorPanel to track tutor earnings.

Multiple Rates
If your company offers several different types of tutoring at different rates, make a separate entry for each different type. You can also set a different tutor wage for each type of tutoring. When you schedule tutoring sessions you can simply select the type of tutoring session and the cost will automatically be calculated.

Repeating Decimals
If your hourly rate has a repeating decimal (i.e. 41.66666) -- include at least 4 digits after the decimal to ensure the final amount is rounded to the correct value.

Non One-Hour Sessions
It's important to note that the rates entered are hourly rates, so if have sessions that do not last one hour you need to first calculate the equivalent hourly cost. For example, if you charge $60 for a 2 hour session the hourly rate you would enter would be $30.

Flat Fee Billing
If you don't charge your students per session, but instead use the flat fee method (such as a flat fee each month regardless of the number of tutoring sessions) then it's important that you enter "0" for the cost so that the student isn't charged twice.

Tutor Wages
If you want to track tutor earnings you can enter an hourly rate for each type of tutoring. If you charge your tutors the same regardless of tutoring type, leave the wage field blank and enter the tutor's wage in their profile.

Group Tutoring
If you are setting the cost and tutor wage for group tutoring make sure that the cost is per student and that the wage is the amount the tutor will be paid for the full session (not their wage per student).