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How to Set Up Wage Tiers

Read this article for an explanation of setting tutor wages in TutorPanel Tutor Wages.

Wage Tier Overview

Wage tiers allow wages to be set based on the following two variables: 1) The experience or seniority of the tutor, and 2) The tutoring type of the session.
For example, if you pay all of your first-year tutors the same wage, but that wage differs for different types of tutoring -- Wage tiers allows you to handle this.

Wage Tier Instructions

1. Enable Wage Tiers
Go to the Account Management tab -> General Settings. In the right column of the General Settings page, under the "Teacher Settings" heading select the "Wage Tiers" option for "Teacher Wages".

2. Manage Wage Tiers

Go to the Calendar tab -> Tutoring Prices. In the sidebar on the right click the "Manage Wage Tiers" link.

3. Name Your Wage Tiers

Enter the names of your Wage Tiers

Wage tiers should be named based on how you identify groups of tutors with the same wage rates. For example, "First Year", "Second Year", "Third Year", etc. In the next step you will set the wages for each level for each tutoring type in your price list.

Note: Do not use titles such as a dollar amount like "$30". The whole point of wage tiers is to set different hourly rates for different types of tutoring.

4. Set Wage Tier Rates for Each Tutoring Type
Go to your Tutoring Price List and either add a new Tutoring Type to your list or edit an existing tutoring type. In the wage field you will see a default wage as well as the tiers that you just created. The default wage is the wage that will be used if a tier has not been set in a teacher's profile. For your custom tiers enter the hourly wage for teachers in those tiers. Now save the form.

5. Set the Wage Tier on the Tutor's Profile
Final step is to go to your tutor's profiles and next to the "Wage Tier" field select the tier the teacher belongs to.

Applying the New Wages

Now when you schedule new sessions the wage for the session will be based on the tutor's tier and the wage set for that tier in your tutoring price list.

Note: Wages are set when sessions are scheduled, so changing a wage after scheduling sessions will not affect sessions that have already been scheduled -- the new wages will only appear in new sessions.

Read these instructions for applying new wages to existing sessions Changing Tutoring Prices and Wages