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Teacher Earnings vs Wages Due

In the Teacher Hours table you will see two columns labelled Earnings and Wages due for each teacher. To understand what these numbers mean continue reading.

Earnings are calculated by adding up the teacher's earnings for the time period selected in the top right corner of the Teacher Hours table. This number is calculated by adding up the wages for the tutor's reconciled tutoring sessions that were marked as either "Attended" or "Missed" for the selected time period.

Wages Due
Wages Due are the total wages owed to a tutor as of the selected end date. This number and is calculated by taking the teacher's total earnings up to the selected end date and subtracting all of the wage payments they have received up to the selected end date.

If the tutor has been paid for all of their tutoring sessions up to the selected end date, then the Wages Due column will display a zero. If the number in the Wages Due column is greater than zero then it means that there are some tutoring sessions for which the tutor has earned money but has not yet been paid.