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Tracking Staff/Non-Teacher Hours

You can track the hours and earnings of non-tutoring employees by following the steps below:

1. In the staff member's profile, set their hourly wage.

2. Go to the Calendar tab -> Add Events -> General Events.

3. Select the "Single Employee" option and select the staff member from the list.

4. The "Staff Hours" field will appear -- check to box to include this event in staff hours.

5. Complete and save the rest of the form.

6. You can now view staff hours under the Employees tab -> Staff -> Staff Hours. Click on an employees row to view the specific events included in the staff member's hours.

The "All Day" Setting

Selecting the "All Day" option will not record any hours -- if you want to record hours for a staff member you will need to set the start and end times for the event.

When Event Wage Is Set

Staff wages are set at the time the event is scheduled. Changing the wage on a staff member's profile will not affect the wages for previously scheduled events.

You will need to edit previously scheduled events after changing the staff wage in order to apply it to previous events.