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User Types

There are five types of user accounts in TutorPanel.

1. Owner/Administrator accounts are for tutoring company owners and these accounts have access to all of the site functions.

2. Staff accounts have access to many of the same functions as owner accounts, but owners can also limit which areas staff accounts can access.

3. Teacher accounts are for teachers and include the calendar, lesson reconciliation and history, tasks, and the teacher's student list.

4. Student accounts include Adult Student accounts and Child Student accounts. The adult accounts include billing history and online payments (if you have them enabled) while child accounts don't. Both types of student accounts include the student's profile, calendar, lesson history and teacher's contact information.

5. Parent accounts are similar to Adult Student accounts, but the information contained in the accounts is for the parent's child or children. It's also possible to add additional parents for child students with separated parents or other guardians. These parent accounts have access to all non-billing information.