Read what some of our customers think about TutorPanel...

"At Champion, we LOVE TutorPanel because it empowers us to run our office more efficiently, communicate with clients more effectively, and manage our teaching staff in a more organized manner.

Our clients love the weekly feedback they get from our tutors, and they also appreciate the efficiency of our administrative staff.

All of this success would not be possible without TutorPanel!"

~ Anna C. Patchias, PhD, Champion Tutoring

"Tutor Panel takes all of the fuss away from managing my tutoring business. It acts like your very own assistant and business accountant keeping track of all your transactions, thereby streamlining the process for customers and tutors. Without Tutor Panel, I would have a lot more sleepless nights!

I just hope my competition does not find out about TutorPanel because I would lose some of my competitive edge."

~ Christopher Binns, Certified Tutors of Canada

"As a new business that has been doubling in size every year, we had reached a critical capacity where we knew that any more growth would start to really hurt our quality.

TutorPanel provided the strong foundation that enabled us to keep our focus on growth - and it did so in a way that has streamlined a lot of what we do during the day, so our focus can be on students instead of administration. Thanks! "

~ Yoni Heilman,

"I recommend TutorPanel to any tutoring company. My favorite features are the integrated calendar and billing system-- you can even run your financial reports right from the system. It save many hours of work every week! "

~ Dite Bray, Ladder Learning Services LLC

"Tutor Panel has been a true upgrade to my services for my clients. The email reminders and easy messages from myself and my teachers is very helpful! My teachers also love the mobile access to check their students and sessions on the go! "

~ Cynthia Fox, Answers, Plus! Educational Services

"I love how Tutorpanel keeps office staff, tutors, and parents all connected. The email reminders along with the user accounts keep everyone up to date on the most recent changes to schedules."

~ Tina McSoley, All About Achieving Learning Centers

"I was looking for a solution to my scheduling problems, and TutorPanel provided that, but it also greatly streamlined my billing, invoicing and payment processes. Thanks!"

~ Lorri Nandrea, Periscope Books & Tutoring

"TutorPanel has taken away the need for endless phone calls to remind students and parents of appointments. It gives us a clear view of current appointments, availability and past schedules. It has taken our business into the future for scheduling."

~ Robyn Mead, Tutoring 101

"At my previous tutoring center, the director used multiple spreadsheets to keep track of payments, balances, appointments, contact information, etc. There was a different spreadsheet for everything! If our schedule changed, she had to print a new paper copy and call the tutor.

I was so relieved to find TutorPanel when I moved to the new tutoring center. Everything is on one site, and all of my tutors can see changes in real time. Plus, there are tools on TutorPanel that I didn't even know I needed until now, but they make my life SO much easier.

Whether you are tutoring alone or have 100 tutors on your staff, I can't imagine having a tutoring business without TutorPanel."

~ Jennifer Bair, Jasper Tutoring Center

"Before TutorPanel, scheduling students for our tutoring center was a hassle. Parents and students would often forget appointments. I love that TutorPanel sends session reminders to both students and parents. It really helps keep everyone accountable for their schedules. Our parents particularly appreciate the Lesson Notes feature. It is so easy to send a quick note home detailing what we covered during each student's session. I don't know why we didn't sign up for TutorPanel sooner. It's been a lifesaver! "

~ Rebecca Sanna & Krystian Morales, Crabapple Tutoring

"Using TutorPanel is so easy! My tutors find it so simple to use. I like that I can run reports and even run my payroll. It is a breeze to set up a student, parent or a tutor compared to other tutoring software I have used.

Not only is TutorPanel easy to work in, it is also very affordable especially for a smaller company like mine."

~ Claudia Richard, Teach and Learn Corp

"I am amazed at how much time Tutor Panel saves me as a business owner. I am routinely reminded by my tutors and clients how user friendly Tutor Panel is compared to what we were doing before.

We have been using Tutor Panel for about 8 months. I only wish I would have discovered it sooner in my business.

The benefits span from client communication,ease of tracking student progress and tutor hours, to overall making the finances and tracking on the business side so much easier."

~ Amanda Vaughn, Connections Tutoring

"Klitsa Tutoring is entering its fourth year using TutorPanel as a Client Management & Personnel Management system, scheduling aid, and financial tracking system. What I have enjoyed most about using TutorPanel is that the Team has thought of everything!

When I want to produce a report or view a specific set of parameters in regard to lessons, lesson notes, or client finances, I can usually take a look at my administrative options and find that what I need is already there.

At times when I wished that items might work a little differently, I was able to contact the TutorPanel Team and discuss any suggestions or ideas, as well as discover from them what other features they might be working on.

Might I also add, without the colour coding that I am able to assign to my staff, I know I would go bonkers looking at the week!

We might not be the biggest company using TutorPanel, but without it, our solid standing for reliability within our community would be dimished, and our potential for growth would be much more difficult. "

~ Lesley Wright, Klitsa Tutoring

"Tutor Panel has helped my business look so much more professional. It has made my business much easier to manage as well. My tutors are happy with it as well!"

~ Vanessa Reed, Mrs. Owl's Tutors

"I am a horseback riding instructor that has about 80 students each week. I track all of my weekly lessons and the payments. I previously used an excel spreadsheet that was very difficult to make changes and follow payments.

Tutor Panel has been a god send, giving piece of mind that my schedule and payments are always in control!"

~ Lisa Thomas, On The Rail Farms, Inc.

"Tutor Panel helps me stay organized in order to spend more time running my business and offering quality services to my clients.

The features I like the most are the automatic session reminders and the ability to create time-sheets for my employees in less than 1 minute.

I also love the fact that I can log-in and immediately see my profit for the month."

~ Starlat Ridgeway, Aptitude & Beyond In-Home Tutoring Services

"TutorPanel has been one of the biggest assets to my business to date. I have worked with TutorPanel starting with 2 students, and now working with over 50, as well as a dozen tutors.

It has saved me countless hours of bookkeeping and record keeping, and is an invaluable tool to any tutoring business. Its widespread functionality can cater to business of any size seamlessly, and it is one of the reasons my business has been able to grow so successfully."

~ Christian Paul, Simply Maths Tutoring

"TutorPanel has been of great support to our center as it makes it so much easier for us to schedule lessons and manage payments as well as accounting.

It has also made it easier for us to communicate with students when needed. Definitely contributed to making our center a better one."

~ Samer Halteh, Daresni Tutoring & Exam Preparation

"TutorPanel has helped us save a lot of time organizing our team and scheduling lessons online. It is a fast and effective system for us to communicate with our tutors about their lessons, and to keep track of what all of our tutors are up to on a daily basis.

The lesson reminder e-mails sent out at the end of every day have been particularly useful for our tutors in helping them to plan their days.

Another noteworthy aspect of TutorPanel is that it enables us to easily log in and access all of our student and teacher information online and on mobile when required.

The timetable layout is visually appealing, and the color customization for tutors is one of our company's favourite features of the software."

~ Anushka Chugani, Carfax Private Tutors, Dubai

"TutorPanel has been business changing for my company. Before TutorPanel my business was unorganized. My tutors were texting me their time-sheets. I would have to create my own invoices and I was paying for another system to collect payments.

TutorPanel has simplified my life drastically. I log into the system twice a week and I love that I can log in from anywhere on my phone!"

~ Janelle Jones, Miss J's Tutoring

"Tutor Panel helps me to be so much better organized. It allows my parents to see when their child is scheduled for tutoring sessions plus sends them reminders which means I don't have to do that personally anymore! I can send invoices, it keeps track of what they owe, I couldn't live without it anymore!! It has saved my life!!"

~ Carol Bearden, Math Around the Corner

"The best of intentions and commitment to success are not enough to completely meet the needs of my expanding client base and tutors.

Accuracy in compensation, intuitive accounting, and a professional approach to organizing all the details have made TutorPanel indispensable for me."

~ Lauren Price, Academic Independence

"TutorPanel makes my life so much easier as a small business owner! I can access all the records I need daily as well as everything I need for income taxes with the push of a button.

The program is very visually friendly as I can see at a glance who is tutoring whom because of the color codes assigned to each teacher; I can look at my profits and losses for the month or year whenever I'd like; and I can send out mass emails or tutoring confirmations for the week in only a moment.

I live in a small town and saw a need for a tutoring center as there were none within 35 miles, and as a life-long teacher, I can still run my business and do what I love best...teach!

TutorPanel and its affordable service are what makes my dream and that of so many students and teachers come true!"

~ Melisa Taylor, The Learning Curve Tutoring, LLC

"I can't say enough about how Tutorpanel has made a difference for my tutoring business.

We save so much time by using your program and the tutors that work for me find TutorPanel to be so easy to use. The calendar and scheduling features are so well designed. My office manager uses the invoicing feature to bill our clients and it is always easy to keep track of payments.

I am so glad to have found TutorPanel as it has made my business run more smoothly and at a reasonable cost. Thank you!"

~ Allison Wurtz, Multisensory Teaching

"TutorPanel has been a great tool for our SAT/ACT business. It helps us keep track of all our appointments by teacher and student. In addition we are able to send out invoices easily. It has saved us so much time having one tool to run the business.

I would highly recommend Tutorpanel to any tutoring business. It will save you time and keep your appointments and billing organized."

~ Deborah Bernstein, John Jay Prep

"We have been using TutorPanel for about 6 months and have enjoyed using it tremendously.

TutorPanel makes communicating with our tutors a lot easier. It also helps us with transparency between our parents, students, and their tutors. It has made scheduling sessions and tutors a really delightful experience and the implementation of our tutoring policies are automated which helps prevent costly human errors.

We have had a good experience thus far and definitely see our company using this product for a long time."

~ Lilian Akpe, Matheaze Tutors

"We love using TutorPanel because it is easy to use for billing, calenders and student info. It is easy to access so our tutor can access from anywhere, plus there customer service gets back to you with answers right away."

~ Tracy Dunham, Haley's Hope

"I use TutorPanel as a major highlight when recruiting tutors and talking with potential clients.

TutorPanel streamlines the whole process, from maintaining clear communication with session notes to purchasing, updating, and checking account hours to running timely and accurate payroll.

The system is intuitive and has made the process of running my business 10x easier. "

~ Cynthia Marbley, Ivy St Learning

"TutorPanel provides Magnificent Minds with one centralized location for all of our business needs. We are able to effectively and efficiently create and submit invoices for our clients, track tutor hours, schedule clients, provide an accessible calendar for both tutors and clients, and account for payments. It has saved us hours of time with its ease of use."

~ Lenae King, Magnificent Minds Learning Center

"We love the ease and convenience of TutorPanel. It allows us to communicate with tutors and clients very efficiently as our ONE source for all communications.

In addition, we find it to be invaluable for tracking payroll, payments, as well as documenting financials for tax purposes."

~ Jill Dorsett, SO4S Tutoring (Students Opting 4 Success)